About our School

Stars College high schools, adopts the integrative modern curriculum in its educational objectives.


In 2010 AD, we laid the first pillars of our schools one on an outstanding hill of Tyre –the city whose scholars thousands of years ago sailed with alphabets and knowledge to the world- and another on a plain of Nabatiyeh, Hasan Kamel Al Sabah city. It has been a childhood dream to sail through the realms of knowledge into the diverse corners of the world with strength and determination.

Mission and Vision


Stars College Schools aim to contribute to a national personality formation, that relishes novelty, openness, and is well-versed in existing languages ​​and modern sciences. Our school learners’ national character is expected to keep pace with the current technological revolution and information abundance through continuous learning.


Our schools’ knowledge perspective denotes the message. Currently, any can knock on knowledge and learning doors. However, our perspective differs from others’ in the actuality of picking educational concepts which fit our communities and milieu, so we cherry-pick what suits a future a global liable generation to keep pace with and even proactively improve at all academic, technological and proficiency levels.

Starting with its vast playgrounds and reaching its luxurious classes that are equipped with conditioning and heating system as well as comfortable desks, special active boards and well organized schedules, “Stars College”high school is considered one of the active schools and open dealing with the parents as well as local environment, at both school and summer times.

In “stars College”, the use of developed educational ways allows students to learn a condensed amount of information in a very short time and that’s the reason behind the acquisition of foreign languages and technological skills where classes are equipped with the most developed electronic display devices in order to provide the best educational program.

A special administrative and teaching staff has been chosen from the systematic education in Lebanon. So the educational objective of “Stars College” high schools has become its essence of experience in a period of a quarter of a century. Thus, the establishers were able to provide the criteria that fit the best schools in the world.

The students in “Stars College” will be exposed to different learning methods so they can combine between the oriental and religious culture and the modern experiences in the field of acknowledgment and social skills and this enables the creation of a well balanced modern personality which is able to adapt with nowadays challenges and pleasure of success in the future.

According to the theories of integrated education, “Stars College” curriculum covers aa the aspects, regarding place, time, and issues, not only in the first cycle, but also through the complementary of integrative curriculum of the materials of upper grades, with the emphasis on the physical abilities, also creating a physical and psychological balance. In addition to all of this, there are the swimming pool, the playground, the class, the aerobic hall, the scientific and language labs, the art room, the theater, the activity room, and even the cafeteria which are all like a complete framework that purposes to keep habits. However, the process of behavioral evaluation exceeds the traditional teaching methods by testing the attitudes in different situations.